Annandale Sewer Aqueducts, 1896-

From Engineering Heritage New South Wales

These 1896 Aqueducts were the first structures in Australia to incorporate Monier Arches and were designed by W. Baltzer to carry the Northern (NT) sewer main across Johnstons and Whites Creeks. After the choice of this new form of construction had been investigated by a Royal Commission, the contractor - Carter, Gummow and Forest - had to lodge a large surety and guarantee maintenance for three years. The success of the work pioneered the introduction of reinforced concrete to Australia.

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Source: SRIA - Residential Slabs and Footings Reinforcement and Slab Design 12 July 2016 EA
White's Creek Aqueduct
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Johnston's Creek Aqueduct
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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type Historic Engineering Marker (HEM)
Award Date October 1993
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Nomination Document Available here
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