Headlie Taylor Header, 1913-14

From Engineering Heritage New South Wales

Headlie Shipard Taylor (1883-1957) designed and built the first three models of the header in a farm workshop at Henty in 1913-14. Subsequent versions of the header, later known as the Sunshine header, were built by the HV McKay company under the supervision of Headlie Taylor. Taylor’s innovative design produced a header which dramatically improved grain harvesting capabilities and efficiency. It is acknowledged as having contributed significantly to the change to bulk handling of grain in the Australian primary industry. The Taylor Header’s principles of operation continue to be found in modern grain harvesting machines.

EHS Headlie Taylor Photo 1.JPG

Coordinates Lat: -35.518951 Long: 147.036735

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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type Historic Engineering Marker (HEM)
Award Date 11 November 1995
Prominent People Headlie Shipard Taylor
Nomination Document Available here
Ceremony Booklet Not Available
Interpretation Panel See photo adjacent
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