Junction Reefs Dam, 1897-

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Gold was discovered in 1870 by Martin Sheahan where the Mandurama Ponds creek meets the Belubula River some 7km northwest of Lyndhurst in NSW. Mining companies were formed soon after and the very fine nature of the gold tested all their ingenuity in its separation from the parent rock. It was necessary to grind the ore to a very fine state which required a great amount of power which was initially supplied by wood fired steam engines at great expense. However, Lyndhurst Goldfields Ltd consolidated various gold mining claims at Junction Reefs and made use of the special features of the site, namely a good dam site and a large drop in the river height, to set up a dam and hydropower scheme as a power source for their crushers and mills. They employed (Carl) Oscar Schulze to design and implement this hydropower scheme.

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Coordinates 33°37′13″S 148°59′31″E

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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type Engineering Heritage National Marker (EHNM)
Award Date February 2018
Prominent People Oscar Schulze
Nomination Document Available here
Ceremony Report Not available
Interpretation Panel Virtual Only
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