Lake Parramatta Dam, Hunts Creek.

From Engineering Heritage New South Wales

Constructed to a height of 11m in 1856 and raised to 14m in 1898, this fine dam supplied water to Parramatta until 1916.

It is the first large dam and the first arch dam to be constructed in Australia. It is believed to be the eleventh single arch dam in the world and one for the first two designed mathematically.

Important people associated with it were engineers Percy Simpson, Edward Orpen Moriarty and Cecil West Darley, and the contractor William Randle.

EHS Lake Parramatta Photograph 1.JPG


Coordinates 33°47′24″S 151°00′27″E

EHS Lake Parramatta Photograph 2.JPG


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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type Engineering Heritage National Marker (EHNM)
Award Date 9 November 1997
Prominent People Percy Simpson, Edward Orpen Moriarty, William Randle, Cecil West Darley.
Nomination Document Available here
Ceremony Report Available here
Interpretation Panel As photo adjacent
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