Lennox’s Lansdowne Bridge.

From Engineering Heritage New South Wales

This bridge over Prospect Creek, Lansvale was built by convict labour during 1834-35 under the direction of David Lennox, Superintendent of Bridges.

Spanning 33.5m, the sandstone elliptical arch is the largest surviving masonry bridge in Australia and typifies Lennox’s high standard for permanent bridge construction in New South Wales and the Port Phillip district.

Size, appearance and durability make this bridge an outstanding example of colonial engineering heritage.

EHS Lansdowne Bridge Photograph 1.JPG

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lansdowne_Bridge#/media/File:Lansdowne_Bridge_Sunset.jpg

Coordinates 33°53′25″S 150°58′02″E

EHS Lansdowne Bridge Photograph 2.JPG
EHS Lansdowne Bridge Photograph 3.JPG

From: https://geocaching.com.au/gallery/cache/ga7597

EHS Lansdowne Bridge Photograph 4.JPG
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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type Engineering Heritage National Marker (EHNM)
Award Date 2 November 1986
Prominent People David Lennox
Nomination Document Available here
Ceremony Report See Nomination
Interpretation Panel As photo attached
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