McKanes Bridge, Cox’s River, Lithgow.

From Engineering Heritage New South Wales

In 1884, John A McDonald, one of the first Bridge design specialists, introduced the timber truss design which bears his name and which was a significant technical improvement on earlier designs.

McDonald’s bridges were easier to build and maintain, carried more load and made some allowance for future increases in vehicular loads.

This 1893 bridge is an excellent example of its type, about 90 were built but only 6 survive.

McDonald bridges played a significant part in the development of the colonial road network and this bridge made an important contribution to the transport links within the Lithgow region.

This bridge makes up a part of the representatives of McDonald Truss Road Bridges, 1893. .

EHS McKanes Bridge Photograph 1.JPG


Coordinates 33°32′58″S 150°07′28″E

EHS McKanes Bridge Photograph 2.JPG
EHS McKanes Bridge Photograph 3.JPG


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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type Historic Engineering Marker (HEM)
Award Date 12 April 2002
Prominent People John A McDonald
Nomination Document Available here
Ceremony Report Available here
Interpretation Panel As photo attached
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