Mitchell’s Pass and Lennox’s Horseshoe Bridge, Lapstone.

From Engineering Heritage New South Wales

Lennox Bridge, opened in 1833, is the oldest surviving stone arch bridge on the Australian mainland.

It crosses Brookside Creek (also known as Lapstone Creek) on the road known as Mitchells Pass. It replaced an earlier crossing of the creek 600 metres (2,000 ft) further south, which today survives as a walking track. A nearby quarry is thought to have been created for the purpose of providing stone for the bridge.

The bridge served the main route to the Blue Mountains for 93 years until 1926, when the Great Western Highway was re-routed via the Knapsack Viaduct.

It was closed in 1967 but later strengthened and repaired with an internal concrete structure and it re-opened in 1982.

EHS Mitchell Pass Photograph 1.JPG

Coordinates 33°45′15″S 150°37′56″E

EHS Mitchell Pass Photograph 2.JPG

EHS Mitchell Pass Photograph 3.JPG

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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type Engineering Heritage Marker (EHM)
Award Date 1 December 2002
Prominent People Major Sir Thoms Mitchell, David Lennox.
Nomination Document Available here
Ceremony Report Available here
Interpretation Panel As photograph adjacent.
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