Moruya Granite Quarry.

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The Moruya quarries, and the remains of Granite Town are located within an area which has been used for production of granite for various purposes (monumental stone, dimension stone, granite rubble for building, and large stone for building breakwaters) from at least 1864. Except for Loutitt’s, all the quarries are located on the left (northern) bank of the Moruya River.

The central item in this area is the NSW Government’s granite quarry. This quarry is variously referred to as the Moruya Quarry, the Public Works Department Quarry (PWD) and the Government Quarry. The term Government Quarry is the most appropriate and will be used in this document. The Government Quarry was first developed in 1878 on land acquired by resumption from Henry Ziegler and Joseph Ard in December 1877 for the construction of the Moruya northern breakwater. Construction of a tramway to deliver armour stone to the Northern Breakwater site commenced in 1876 using ballast won from a quarry site located between the Government Quarry and the breakwater.

The Government Quarry has been operated intermittently to supply stone for river improvement and maintenance works since this time. This quarry is best known as the source of the granite facing for the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons between 1925 and 1932. Surrounding the actual quarry site there are numerous relics associated with its operation: these include machinery and masonry shed footings, the breakwater and river training structures, tramway and stone dressing area earthworks, remains of locomotive service facilities, and relics of water transport facilities (including various wharfs) from several periods. There are also relics of two separate worker housing facilities.

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Coordinates Lat: -35.9040 Long: 150.1140

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Prominent People Sir James Barnet, Dr John Job Crew Bradfield, Edward Orpen Moriarty, Lawrence Ennis.
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