Newcastle Harbour.

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The Port of Newcastle is in 1989 a modern deep-water harbour handling a greater tonnage of cargo than any other Australia port.

It was developed to this state from a shallow shoaled estuary by over 150 years of continuous engineering works starting with “Macquaries Pier” from 1818, the first ocean breakwater in Australia and one of the few major convict built works then developed consistently to the plan of Edward Orpen Moriaty of the 1850’s under the supervision of engineers of the Department of Public Works and since 1958 – 1971 of the Maritime Services Board with final deepening of the bars to 15.2 metres completed in 1983.

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Coordinates 32,92, 151.774

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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type National Engineering Landmark (NEL)
Award Date 18 July 1989
Prominent People Col. George Barney, Capt. Marion Moriarty, Wolstan Ellis, Edward Orpen Moriarty, William Anderson, Cecil West Darley, Thomas W Keele, R R P Hickson, Percy Allan, E O K Green, A R Ford, W Dumphy, A Brazier, W J Kerle, V C Lindsay, J Wallace, G H Hore, G Turner, B Williams, J Layzell, C Jenkins,
Nomination Document Available here
Ceremony Report Available here
Interpretation Panel None installed
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