Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme, 1949 to 1974-

From Engineering Heritage New South Wales

This scheme diverts the Snowy and Eucumbene Rivers inland to provide irrigation water and a secure source of renewable energy. It includes 16 large dams, 225 kms of tunnels and aqueducts, a pumping station and 7 power stations. The scheme was built between 1949 and 1974 by a multi-national workforce and was completed within budget and on time. It was, on completion, the most complex, multi-reservoir, multi-purpose hydro-electric engineering scheme in the world.

The marker on the map to the right has been placed at Tumut 3 power station, perhaps the most important power station in the scheme which incorporates some pumped storage capacity as well as conventional generating plant.

The most impressive aspect of the scheme is probably not any of the power stations but the hundreds of kilometres of unseen tunnel through the heart of the Great Dividing Range.

Snowy Mountaim Scheme1.png

Snowy Mountaim Scheme2.png
Snowy Mountaim Scheme3.png

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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark (IHCEL)
Award Date August 1990 (from EA website)
Prominent People Sir William Hudson
Nomination Document Available here
Interpretation Panel MISSING
Interpretation Panel None installed.
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