Super Constellation “Connie”, 1995-

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Arguably the most graceful and beautiful airliner of its day - with its dolphin-curved fuselage, triple elliptical tails [and the later Super Constellation G and H variants optional tear-drop wing-tip fuel tanks], the first Lockheed Super Constellation L1049 model celebrates its 65th birthday in July 2016. [First flight 14 July 1951]

Conceived in the late 1930s to carry more people further and faster than ever before and economically enough to broaden the acceptance of flying as an alternative to other modes of available transport, the resulting design; the Constellation represented the ultimate in airline performance. In its civilian configuration during the 1950’s it offered the ultimate in luxury air travel.

The introduction of jet aircraft in the late 1950s and 1960s led to the displacement of propeller-driven aircraft from frontline service. Those aircraft that were not scrapped were relegated to lesser roles.

Constellations were scrapped in their hundreds. As a result of this scrapping there are now fewer than sixty “survivors” left in the world. Of these, only two airworthy aircraft - HARS VH-EAG at Albion Park, Australia and the Super Constellation Flyers Association HB-RSC in Basel Switzerland are left to tell the story of this iconic aircraft.

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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type Engineering Heritage Marker (EHM)
Award Date June 2018 (from EA website)
Prominent People Hall Hibbard, Don Palmer, C L Johnson
Nomination Document Available here
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