Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1932-

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The Sydney Harbour bridge is a massive steel arch spanning 1650 ft (503 m) between bearings which anchor it in place at Dawes Point and Milsons Point.

It carries road, rail and pedestrian traffic on a deck suspended 170 ft ( 52m) above the water, with sweeping approaches and steel Warren truss approach spans linking to the main bridge deck. Granite faced pylons at the abutments give the bridge a sense of stability and greatly enhance its aesthetic appeal and recognisable character, but are not structural elements of the bridge.

The design of the bridge is described in detail in the 1932 paper by Dr J J C Bradfield, Chief Engineer Sydney Harbour Bridge and Metropolitan Railway Construction.

Bradfield was the principal supported, planner and initiator of the bridge. He also supervised the construction of the bridge, built by contractor Dorman Long & Co from the United Kingdom.

The bridge remains in service as a key transport artery of Sydney however perhaps its greatest importance is that has become an enduring symbol of Australia.

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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark (IHCEL)
Award Date 25 June 1999 (Wikipedia: NSW State Heritage Register Date)
Prominent People Dr John Job Crew Bradfield
Nomination Document Available here
Ceremony Booklet Not Available
Interpretation Panel None installed.

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