Tamworth Street Lighting Plant, 1888-

From Engineering Heritage New South Wales

On 9 November 1888 the Tamworth Borough Council inaugurated Australia’s first electric street lighting plant on this site.

Two 12 horsepower stream engines driving Crompton 230 volt 18 kW dynamos supplied electricity to 52 street lights with carbon filament lamps and 7 arc lights.

The system was installed and initially operated by Sydney electrical engineers Harrison and Whiffen, agents for R E Crompton & Co of England.

Its success contributed significantly to the acceptance of electric lighting in Australia.

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Engineering Heritage Recognition Program

Marker Type Historic Engineering Marker (HEM)
Award Date 9 November 1988 (Centenary Inauguration Date)
Prominent People Sir George Harrison, Sir Alfred Herbet Whiffen
Nomination Document Available here
Ceremony Booklet MISSING
Interpretation Panel None installed.
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