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This Engineering Heritage New South Wales website has ben created to provide information to anyone who is interested in the history and achievements of professional engineers in New South Wales. To achieve this purpose all information posted to the website is publicly available. However to ensure the accuracy of the information is 'as best as possible', editing is restricted to users who are known to and are approved by the website Administrators. Administrators are appointed by the Engineering Heritage Sydney (EHS) and Engineering Heritage Newcastle (EHN) Committees. More information on the EHS and EHN Committees is available at Engineering Heritage Australia : Divisional Groups.

Currently EHS and EHN have chosen MyWikis to provide the MediaWiki software, domain name, server services and website support for the Engineering Heritage New South Wales website. As part of these services, MyWikis offers a range of privacy levels that determine how the website can be read and edited. Engineering Heritage has chosen the second highest permission option of Private F + C which meets the requirements of everyone can read, but only Admin approved users can edit. For further information see

Engineering Heritage does not record the details of anyone who accesses this website and does not send unsolicited information to anyone.

If you have a comment or query in relation to information on the website, you are welcome to contact Enginering Heritage via email at If interested in ongoing information on the activities of EHS or EHN, you are welcome to become a corresponding member. All emails to corresponding members are sent using the Bcc: option. Corresponding member contact information will only be used for Engineering Heritage activities and will not be made available to any other persons or organisations.

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